Sandra Brown – The Thrill Of Victory

Sandra Brown – The Thrill Of Victory was the author’s 43rd novel.

This book was published on March 1, 1989 and was the last book that she’d originally released under the pseudonym Erin St. Claire.

The Thrill Of Victory book description

Stevie Corbett is in jeopardy of losing everything she’s sacrificed and worked so hard for – her career, her future.

Her life.

She has just two weeks to make a monumental decision, but her fate rides on keeping the truth a secret.

It’s Judd Mackie’s job to uncover secrets. And he’s spent the last few years dogging Stevie, exposing her for the spoiled glamour girl he believes her to be.

Now he has the chance to scoop the story of the year and let the whole world know the truth about Stevie.

All he has to do is betray her trust….

Sandra Brown The Thrill Of Victory

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