Sandra Brown – The Switch

The Switch by Sandra Brown was her 61st book.

This novel had a release date of August 29, 2000.

The Switch book description

What began as a joke turned into tragedy…leaving Gillian Lloyd dead, the victim of a brutal and seemingly unmotivated crime.

Her twin Melina, along with astronaut ‘Chief’ Hart with whom Gillian had been involved disagrees with police that the homicide is an open and shut case.

She vows to stop at nothing to learn the truth and avenge her twin’s death. But Gillian’s murder has a far-reaching impact that no one suspected or could even fathom.

Soon, Melina is on the run from the police, the FBI, and the mastermind whose evil plot to engineer the perfect ‘switch’ could result in disastrous consequences on a global scale.

Sandra Brown The Switch

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