Sandra Brown – Texas! Chase

Texas! Chase by Sandra Brown was her 49th novel and is the second story in the Texas! trilogy.

The publication date of this book was July 1, 1991.

Texas! Chase book description

Chase Tyler has been the object of Marcie Johns’s desire since grade school. But when it came time to settle down, the handsome, laconic cowboy chose another woman to be his bride.

Life was good for Chase — until things took an abrupt and tragic turn. Ravaged by grief, Chase has become a lost and embittered soul, a man without purpose, compassion, or hope.

Then fate intercedes, reuniting Chase and Marcie, who was an unwitting player in Chase’s unfathomable family tragedy.

Guilt weighs heavily on Marcie, but she’s also convinced that only the strength of her love can pull Chase back from the abyss.

She’s willing to risk everything on a daring plan to rescue his business, save his life, and bring them together at last.

Sandra Brown Texas! Chase

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