Sandra Brown – Temptation’s Kiss

Temptation’s Kiss was the 14th novel released by Sandra Brown.

This story had a publication date of August 28, 1983.

Temptation’s Kiss book description

Megan Lambert can deal with her high pressure job as sales manager for an Atlanta radio station.

She just can’t handle her antagonism toward Josh Bennett, a major advertiser. Now he wants a meeting with her, and she doesn’t know why.

Josh is many things – powerful, handsome, and arrogant… but predictable isn’t one of them.

Suddenly, Josh makes a demand that puts Megan’s career on the line and sets the emotional stakes so high they send her reeling.

She’s about to enter a world of limos and luxury, deception and false hope… and games of passion that can break a woman’s heart when the wild card is love…

Sandra Brown Temptation's Kiss

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