Sandra Brown – Shadows Of Yesterday

Shadows Of Yesterday was the 10th novel to be published by Sandra Brown and was first┬áreleased with the title ‘Relentless Desire.’

The original release date of Relentless Desire was March 28, 1983 before being reissued in 1992 with the new title.

Shadows Of Yesterday book description

LEIGH… She was terrifyingly alone on a Texas highway about to deliver her first child when a rugged stranger in a pickup truck stopped to help her.

Leigh Bransom had lost her husband eight months before when he was tragically killed on the job.

This fateful meeting on a lonesome highway brought a handsome, new man into her life… yet he was a man with secrets and the power to break her heart again.

CHAD… He pursued a dangerous business, and his past was a mystery he kept hidden.

He was determined to make Leigh care for him, but there were no guarantees that his love could protect her from her worst fears.

Sandra Brown Shadows Of Yesterday

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