Sandra Brown – Eloquent Silence

Sandra Brown – Eloquent Silence was the third book released by the bestselling novelist and was first published under the name Rachel Ryan.

This story had a publication date of March 15, 1982.

Eloquent Silence book description

Lauri is a dedicated young teacher for the deaf. Her past conceals a wound still unhealed, her present is a facade, and she uses her career to hide her loneliness.

Drake, daytime TV’s most popular star, has two secrets – the daughter he believes may never have a normal life and the dead wife he can’t forget.

Jennifer is the beautiful hearing-impaired child who may become a pawn between the man and the woman she needs most.

Now, in a chic New Mexico arts community, the three are given a chance to be a family… but first each must find a voice to express the deepest fears and greatest needs of the heart.

Sandra Brown Eloquent Silence

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