Sandra Brown – Bittersweet Rain

Bittersweet Rain by Sandra Brown was her 21st novel and was originally released under the pen name Erin St. Claire.

This story was published on November 28, 1984.

Bittersweet Rain book description

Caroline Dawson survived the town gossips who whispered behind her back.

She survived the slow death of her husband, Roscoe Lancaster, the richest man in the county and her senior by three decades.

But she feared she might not survive Rink Lancaster, her husband’s son.

Years before she married, when she and Rink were teens, he had introduced Caroline to her first tremulous taste of love – and then broke her heart.

Now Rink is back. He says he wants to settle his father’s estate.

But driven by a storm of emotions as undeniable as before and more dangerous than ever, what he really wants is to settle the score with Caroline.

Sandra Brown Bittersweet Rain

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