Sandra Brown – A Whole New Light

A Whole New Light by Sandra Brown was the 46th book by the NYT bestselling author.

The release date of this novel was November 28, 1989.

A Whole New Light book description

Ever since losing her husband, Cyn McCall has counted on his business partner, Worth Lansing. Though a confirmed bachelor, Worth nonetheless proves himself to be a dependable friend and a father figure to her son.

He makes her laugh, and she teases him about his many romantic entanglements. But falling for a man who can’t settle down is the furthest thing from her mind — until an innocent gesture changes everything.

When Worth invites Cyn to a getaway weekend in Acapulco, he doesn’t expect to be sharing a room. And he certainly doesn’t intend for them to wind up in bed together.

Cyn wants to believe that their night of passion was a mistake sparked by the exotic locale. But Worth is convinced that they share something deeper.

He knows he’s finally ready to stop playing games — if only Cyn will open her heart to the promise of love.

Sandra Brown A Whole New Light

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